Residential and Commercial Services

We have the tools, equipment and manpower to handle a variety of electrical work, from small repairs to larger projects.

Chester County electricians

Serving Delaware / Pennsylvania / Maryland tri-state area

    • Emergency repair work
      If you have a problem or need a small repair, please don’t hesitate to call. What may seem like a big problem could turn out to be a simple repair.
    • Custom lighting and design including recessed, under cabinet, and landscape lighting
      We can install virtually every type of lighting from high wattage exterior lighting to energy efficient LED lighting. The right lighting can make all the difference in achieving a desired look or giving you the practical lighting you need to live or work.
    • Appliance and equipment wiring
      Large electrical equipment may need a dedicated circuit or special wiring to ensure safe and reliable operation. Don’t take chances, have it done right.
    • Aluminum wiring work
      Many homes wired in the 1970’s were done so with aluminum wiring. This was later determined to cause potentially dangerous problems at splice points and where connected to devices. But Aluminum wiring can be made safe. We can repair and prevent problems due to aluminum wiring.
Wilmington Delaware electricians

Residential & commercial electrical work

    • Service upgrades and repairs
      If your electrical panel is full we can install a sub-panel or larger main panel. We also replace an old fuse panel or outdated breaker panel. If your main service cable on the outside of your home or business is frayed don’t wait for a problem to occur, have it addressed now.
    • Ceiling fans
      Save money by turning your AC down at night with ceiling fans in the bedrooms.
    • Hot tubs
      Most hot tubs call for a dedicated 240v, 50-amp circuit and there are many codes regarding their installation to ensure the users safety.
    • Generator systems
      From small manual systems to run the necessities, to automatic start up systems to run your entire home or business.
    • Phone, Cable and Internet
      We can provide additional phone, cable or Internet jacks.
    • Additions and remodels
      Hire us to have your project wired on time, on budget and up to code.
Electrical projects in home or office

We don’t sleep on the job!

  • Electric heat
    We can install the newest hydronic baseboard electric heat. Electric heat is quiet, reliable, safe and virtually maintenance free. They can also be zoned to heat only a portion of your home or business. Installation is simple and inexpensive as opposed to other heating systems. Great for supplemental heat in that room that always seems to stay a little colder then the rest of the house.
  • Swimming pools
    We can repair electrical problems regarding your swimming pool’s pump, electrical panel or lighting.